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How To Import Contacts From Google To An iPhone

There is a sense of satisfaction in retaining lost contact or retaining lost contact after a smartphone change. A perfect scenario is an Android user transition to adopt the iOS lifestyle.

The bridge becomes significant when the user cannot integrate certain Android apps with the iOS platform. This article will tutor how to import Google Contact to an iPhone in a blink of a click. 

Recovering contacts from your previous smartphone to an iPhone is an easy tip that works within the space of a moment. Just as Contact is Google’s custom app and saves its contents on the Google cloud storage platform, Drive. 

The backup system has an intertwined process with Google and Apple whereby recovered contacts from Google to an iPhone will be stored in iOS Account which is also linked to the iCloud per user discretion.

This tip is actually easy for users familiar with a custom interface developed on either an Android or an iOS platform. Having a retentive storage system has helped several users swerve from different OS platforms — especially encouraging other users to adopt the iPhones and its simplified UI.

iPhones currently have their sixth generational gadgets trendy in the smartphone market as the best. Several Android users have reportedly transitioned to the iOS platform — these tips will recover your contact from Google’s database.


Follow these steps to save your Google Contacts on an iPhone.

  • Launch the Settings app and go to Contacts.
  • Click Account or then click Add Account.
  • Select Google from the list of available accounts.
  • Sign in to Google to access contacts.
  • Toggle on the Contact switch.
  • Launch the iPhone custom Contact app.

Transferring contacts from Google to an iPhone seems tricky where users have to indicate the accounts the contact are being imported from. At that point, it is ideal to have the Google account connected already, yet users can also click Add Account to update the Accounts profiles on the iPhone.

Continue with the process of importing pre-existing contacts on the iPhone. An iPhone with the latest iOS 16 version can import contacts and other documents from another OS platform. iOS 16 is developed for sixth-generational gadgets built with amazing features that can merge contacts and delete unworthy contacts per user discretion.

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