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How To Eject Water From The Apple Watch

Apple Watches have a water-resistant feature that allows the device to survive underwater for up to fifty minutes. For context, Apple Watch users can use the device while it’s raining, swim in the pool or the gym, or use the wearable device while bathing without being worried about damaging the device. Apple Watch Series 2 and other latest series have this significant feature to resist water from the device.

There is an obvious difference between a device resisting water and a waterproof device. A water-resistant device denotes water will enter the device without a critical damaging effect while a waterproof device has no space for water penetration.

Apple’s wearable features water resistance that makes the built-in components friendly to water. Still, this doesn’t clarify that Apple watches are immune to critical damage submerged in water. Before diving into the pool or hitting the shower with the Apple Watch, users should enable the water lock to eject water from the wearable device.

For context, enable the water lock on the Watch to prevent the device from malfunctioning when underwater. Ejecting the water removes the water stuck in the device. However, the feature that locks the Apple Watch off water is the same feature that ejects the water from the device.



Here’s how to eject water from the Apple Watch

  • Launch the Control Center, and swipe up on the device

  • Click the water droplet icon — this activates the water lock feature that also ejects water stuck in the device.

  • Click the digital crown to unlock and eject water from the device.

PS: Observe the droplet icon rotate until the droplet transition to bubbles.

Observe a continuous beep tone that denotes water ejection from the device.

Observe water being pushed out from the speaker.

Observe a different beep tone that denotes a completed water ejection.


It is worth noting that the water-resisting technology built-in in the Apple Watch is bound to fade due to wear and tear whereas it is optimal to avoid leaving water in the Watch for too long. However, this article has discussed how to manually eject water from the device. Avoid diving into the water with the Apple Watch. Avoid bathing with the Apple Watch to avoid soaps and other harsh chemicals from penetrating the device which will nullify the water repellent protecting the built-in components. The water repellent will eventually wear off — safeguard your device properly.

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